It’s time to maximize your life and thrive in all you do.
I’ve created this 1:1 coaching just for you!

It's time to maximize your life and thrive in all you do.

I've created this 1:1 coaching just for you!


Look, I understand.


You are insightful, mature, and you often see things differently than your peers.

You enjoy being creative and making meaningful connections with others.

You are seen as a leader of your tribe, often lending a listening ear, full of wisdom and passion.

You are spiritual, but not religious. You desire to grow and live from the truth of your divine alignment.


The issue . . .

Real life and all of its demands have taken the forefront of your life and you long to connect to your highest self.

Yes, you believe that life should be fun, but somehow the fun has been lost in the day-to-day monotony of work, eat, pray.

You don’t have much time for major projects, theoretical coaching, or even drawn-out study programs.

You want something practical, simple, yet powerful that will serve as a catalyst for getting you to where you long to be.

You are about all things self-help, but actually finding the time and the safe place to apply everything is daunting.




Gaining strategic support for maximizing your passion and working in the area of your purpose

Feeling happy on a consistent basis because your perspective has completely shifted

Manifesting your desires quickly and incredibly as you understand your divine power and gifts

Thriving in your relationships, releasing drama, and joyfully embracing the consistent goodness that is coming your way

New opportunities and connections that easily come to you as you embrace who you are and get clear on what you love to do

Being a catalyst in the lives of others as you identify your own unique design and flow in your passion.

This powerful 1:1 Coaching is for you if:

You are ready to release all excuses and go all in.

You are willing to make the time, personal, and financial investment in yourself and your vision.

You know you are called to greatness and are ready to get there faster and smarter with a coach.

How it works…

1.    We identify the area that you desire to focus on: LIFE or BIZ

L.I.F.E. = Live it fully everyday 

Practical strategies for shifting your life and making it incredible

MANIFESTING MINDSET: Let’s release and get clear of any limiting beliefs and mind clutter keeping you from experiencing your most incredible life. Regain your power and begin manifesting abundance quickly.

PURPOSE DISCOVERY: Let’s take a great look at your personality, gifts, interests, personal story, and many other facets that make you uniquely you. We will use this information to get really clear on your passions and areas for profit.

SPIRITUAL REALIGNING: Discover your unique alignment and the truth that empowers you to walk freely in your purpose with success and joy. (Christian based coaching for spiritual alignment)

2.    You schedule your ten sessions

3.    We begin to see major transformations and shifts in your life.

This process has been carefully crafted to help . . .

thestarBuild your confidence

thestarRelease limiting beliefs

thestarAlign you with the incredible abundance of opportunities intended for your life

thestar Guide you to the discovery of your own gifts, power, and calling

thestarEmpower you to boldly follow your dreams

thestar Position you for continued success by creating routines and strategies for your lifestyle

thestarConnect you with Love and Abundance

thestarIdentify opportunities for networking, growth, and sharing your gifts

thestarThrive in your work and do the work you love

PAUSE: Just for a moment, imagine what your life would look and feel like after we accomplished these things … (mmmm)


We do this through . . .

– Private client portal to access materials and resources

– Personalized plan for your coaching program

– TEN Power-packed weekly sessions the course of 3 months

– Actionable homework assigned each session

– Weekly reflection activities

– Weekly accountability email to check in

Hey Hey!  I’m Carmen Carson, a life and business strategist for female leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to make lasting impacts in the lives of others while also creating a profit. My experience as a coach and an instructional leader has afforded me many opportunities to pour into other women leaders and equip them to make lasting impacts.

The LIFE & BIZ Coaching was created for you, the female leader, because over and over, I saw incredible women pouring so much into others, but struggling to manifest their own success and greatness at the levels they felt called to. I found that with just some power coaching and spiritual strategies, my clients were able to go big and make brazen moves.

In our sessions, we uncover the roots to your limiting practices and beliefs that have kept you from radiating your most brilliant light. The shifts that you make not only effect your confidence and life clarity, but they also impact your relationships, work, and play (we make an effort to play more :).

If you are ready to GO ALL IN, invest in yourself, and stop playing small, this coaching is right for you!

Incredible lives are made from incredible moments.

It’s time to launch and live life incredibly!

You are called to live life incredibly.

Refuse to put your best life on hold any longer.

Your time is now.  Invest in YOU!

This experience is designed to guide you towards feeling . . .


in who you are.


as you release limiting beliefs


with the incredible abundance of opportunities intended for your life


as you discovery the divine intention for your own gifts, power, and calling


as you boldly follow your dreams


for lifelong success as you use the strategies and routine we design for your lifestyle


with Divine Love and Abundance


about doing the work you love

We do this through . . .

– Private client portal to access materials and resources

– Personalized handbook for your coaching program

–  TEN Power-packed weekly sessions the course of 3 months

– Actionable homework assigned each session

– Weekly reflection activities

– Weekly accountability email to check in

Let’s see if we are a match made in heaven.