I would absolutely recommend Carmen to anyone! I was so impressed with her words of wisdom. She had so much energy. Her joy for life was magnetic and contagious. The worries and frustrations of life seemed to disintegrate as she restored my passion for the Lord and the life he has given me.Time spent with her was invaluable to me. It has been a few months since our last meeting, and the rejuvenation in my soul from time with her has not faded a bit.”

Alyssa Land

Vocal Coach & Worship Leader

I have participated in Life Inc. coaching, personal retreats, and workshops. This is one of the best investment that I could make in myself. I would absolutely recommend Life Inc. services to anyone wondering about their purpose or just needing sage advice. Life Inc. offers a welcomed pause – one that encourages you to stop, access what you are doing, where you are heading, and what you can do to live life intentionally in a way that realizes your purpose and dreams.

Callie Smith


I just had a wonderful life-coaching session with this beautiful young lady. To be honest, I never thought I’d be one ofthose “life-coach” types, but she came highly recommended by a friend and I couldn’t be more pleased! Her honesty, wisdom, and constructive advice really were helpful and I am excited about the future!

Aisha Adkins

Carmen is very practical, relatable, and is able to put all those around her at ease.  Everyone walks away with stories, real life lessons, and practical advice that can be reflected upon in times to come.  She has a Powerful gift that, I believe, needs to be spread across the world.

LaTasha Rogan

I definitely recommend the Life Inc. workshops. I was blessed to attend a workshop that changed my life. You will enjoy the food, atmosphere, and the fellowship. The great part about it is that you will feel God’s presence there from the start to finish.

Elicia Phillips


I believe Carmen has the keen insight and tools to help other entrepreneurs develop a strong brand. After this experience, I believe that anyone who is serious about making real progress, should consider hiring a coach. TiffCarmen has truly been God sent.  I am so thankful that we met and stay connected through a mutual friend.  I believe she has been strategically placed in my life to help me fulfil my purpose.

Tiffany Nunnally

Life Coach, Pink Shades of Evolution

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